About Sarah Stinneford

Early On:
Sarah started riding at an early age. It was evident from the start that horses would be Sarah’s career and passion. At 14 years old Sarah received her first job starting younger horses, working with problem horses, and off the track thoroughbreds. Soon after she was given a chance to start teaching lessons as well. Since then she has gained miles of experience in the field by working with diverse horses and many top trainers including Michael Page, Cathy Morelli, Sinead Halpin, and Marilyn Payne.


Before opening her own stable in 2011 Sarah attended Ramapo College of New Jersey. It was there that she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business with a focus on Management.

The Beginning:
Sarah has had her horse “Roman Candle” aka “Rori” since she was a very wild 4 year old. It was Rori who Sarah gives credit towards for teaching herself patience, perseverance, and humor in the saddle. Together, Sarah and Rori have accomplished many things including riding through Preliminary level eventing, through 2nd level dressage and numerous awards such as:

USEA Rider Achievement Award
USEA Gold Medal for Beginner Novice
USEA Gold Medal for Novice
USEA Gold Medal for Training
USEA Blue Ribbon Award for Beginner Novice, Novice, Training
Ranked 5th Nationally for Beginner Novice in 2010
Qualified for American Eventing Championships at Beginner Novice, Novice and Training
Placed 12/ 36 riders in 2012 in Open Training level at American Eventing Championships


Sarah is always looking to improve herself and her riding so that she can not only grow as a rider and competitor but also as a trainer and coach to her students and horse.  Because of these beliefs, Sarah trains regularly with “S” dressage judge Marilyn Payne out of Califon, New Jersey, and Grand Prix Rider and “S” judge Heather Mason out of Lebanon, New Jersey.  In February of 2023, Sarah also started working towards gaining her USDF “L” License and will finish Part 1 in May of 2023.

Over the past few years some of Sarah’s biggest accomplishments have been:

*1st place finish at ESDCTA Training level Championships with Orchid’s Tamino
*3rd place finish at ESDCTA Championships with Frosty Oaks Ferdinand
*Year end ESDCTA Training Level Champion with Orchid’s Tamino
*Year end ESDCTA Reserve Champion Training level with Frosty Oaks Ferdinand

*2nd level place finish at ESDCTA First level Championships with Orchid’s Tamino
*Year end ESDCTA First Level Champion with Orchid’s Tamino

*1st place finish at ESDCTA Second Level Championships with Orchid’s Tamino
*Year End ESDCTA Second Level Reserve Champion with Orchid’s Tamino

*USDF Bronze Medal with Distinction
*ESDCTA 1st place finish at ESDCTA Third Level Championships
*Year end High Score Award for Third Level for the ESDCTA
*USDF 2023 New Forest Pony Ambassador Year End Champion, High Point Rider, High Point Pony

In 2022 Sarah achieved her USDF Bronze Medal with Orchid’s Tamino.  In the 2023 season they will be competing at Fourth Level to earn scores towards their USDF Silver Medal, as well as competing some younger horses at the lower levels.